I AM Mina Manafi!

Hey! Welcome to my happy world! I’m so glad to see you here!
So the thing is, being a creative is my life now! Yet I still can’t believe such a cool thing is my “job” now!
In fact, I studied computer engineering at university. Which was so far away from my actual passion.
But it did help me develop a logical and organized way of thinking. I also met the love of my life during that time! So in the end, it was worth taking the wrong turn for a while.
Eventually, I became fascinated by the magic of the creative world! After learning professional photography, I pursued motion design and stop-motion animation.
Today I enjoy nothing more than animating in my studio and bringing ordinary objects to life like a GOD!!… Sorry, a bit of exaggeration there! I got carried away!
I always enjoy chatting and brainstorming over a new product or concept! So get in touch and we’ll make magic together!! I can’t wait!